Issue 14 of Kzine was published on the 23rd of January 2016.

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Issue 14 will have a Dave Windett cover illustration (above) and includes the following :
Ian Whates - Its a Small World
Nestor Delfino - Social Interface
Kit Power - Like a Charm
Martin Donnelly - Royal
Betty Rocksteady - This Narrow Escape
K. McGee - Fundraiser
John Sies - The Weber Defense
Rhodes Brazos - Pennies on the Dollar
Goran Sedlar - The Blind Room

KZine Issue Fourteen: Review of January 2016 Issue

by Steve Rogerson ( see review at: WIZZLEY.COM)


**** Great zine of varied fiction.
By Adrian Shotbolt on 4 April 2016
Format: Kindle Edition

I'd never read anything from Kimota Publishing prior to this latest issue of Kzine. A few writers I am a fan of made the cut for this latest issue so I decided to part with my hard earned cash and take a look..

There are a lot of digital magazines out there in ebook land. I have tried many of them and have experienced varying degrees of pleasure whilst reading. Kzine offers readers a vast range of stories from science fiction to fantasy, crime to horror. I have read a couple of zines before that have also tried traversing this route and it hasn't quite worked out for me. The lottery of what sort of story you are going to get next I have found spoils the flow for me, though since reading this I have realised that my lack of enjoyment for the other publications was probably due to the stories themselves.

Kzine issue 14 starts off well with 'It's A Small World' by Ian Whates. A fantasy short story about a break in attempt to steal a pendant. I enjoyed this. It didn't blow me away but was entertaining and had a strong main character.

Kit Power then leaves the horror genre behind with 'Like A Charm' a short crime story about a police officer who seems to have a lot of luck on his side. This was another solid offering from Mr Power and shows that he is more than capable of writing in different genres.

A couple of stories didn't work to well for me. Rhodes Brazos 'Pennies On The Dollar' didn't seem to go anywhere and 'Social Interface' didn't set my pulse racing either. However, another slice of Betty Rocksteady brilliance got things going again nicely. After reading Betty's 'Arachnophile' earlier this year I was keen to read more and she didn't disappoint with 'This Narrow Escape'-the shortest of the stories here but also my favourite too. 'The Blind Room', 'Fundraiser' and particularly 'The Weber Defense' were all enjoyable, in particular the final short by John Sies that features an alien invasion and a barbeque!- trust me, you need to read it, it's great fun.

In the end this was a very decent read. Better than a lot of zines I have read, though not quite up to the standards of some others.

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